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Local Wine Tasting in Saratoga, California

Local Wine Tasting in Saratoga, California

It’s no secret I’m a fan of wine tasting. I’ve tasted in Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Livermore, Temecula, Escondido and more, so I thought I had seen it all in California, right? Well bring in Saratoga, California. A small town right...

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Healthy Eats at Boston-Logan International Airport Terminal B

Healthy Eats at Boston-Logan International Airport Terminal B

I MAY HAVE FOUND MY NEW FAVORITE AIRPORT EATERY. Berkshire Farms Market in Terminal B, you are a beautiful place. It is a Tastes on the Fly concept which focuses on bringing local dining experiences to Boston, Denver, San Francisco, and JFK airports. Local food...

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A Perfect Day at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

Rancho Valencia, you are everything I wanted you to be and more. Growing up in San Diego, I have attended luncheons and even coordinated a wedding here, but never got to actually experience it like a guest. This summer while I was back home I had the chance to, and I was thoroughly impressed! Highlights: the best massage of my entire life, an abundance of healthy food, and pure...

Staying Healthy While Traveling With Cara Usher, CHHC

Hi, Cara Usher here! I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a friend of Chelsea’s and a huge fan of Passport to Friday. I don’t travel quite as much as Chelsea these days, but have done my fair share in the past. I know that the summer months are a very popular time to travel. As a Health Coach, I also know that it is one thing to eat healthy at home (as you can cook all of your meals and have...

I’m Chelsea, a Luxury Travel Advisor and Travel & Lifestyle Blogger traveling over 250 days per year. Follow along on my travels and let me help you plan your dream vacation, incentive trip or honeymoon!


I am a 20-something Luxury Travel Advisor and Travel & Lifestyle Blogger specializing in honeymoons, group and mother/daughter getaways, specialized incentive trips and bespoke luxury travel.


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